Webinar Artificial Intelligence – How can it be used good?

Webinar Artificial Intelligence – How can it be used good? – FPTR


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The digital world and new technologies, artificial intelligence – what is at stake? 

Private and public sectors are using more and more artificial intelligence to facilitate their own daily operations. AI brings us risks and benefits and the question is how do we promote human rights, democracy and rule of law in the digital world where new technologies are developing daily and what will be the future agency of the future generations in this regard? The Council of Europe has established the Committee on Artificial Intelligence to elaborate, on the developments, design and application of artificial intelligence. The works of the Council of Europe on AI is a step up to establish the legal standards for how to regulate upcoming and current AI developments and their impact on human beings. “ Technology is an ever-growing presence in our daily lives and prompts users to disclose their relevant, including personal, data voluntarily and for comparatively small awards of personal convenience. Public awareness, however, remains limited regarding the extent to which everyday devices collect and generate vast amounts of data. These data are used to train machine-learning technologies to prioritise search results, to predict and shape personal preferences, to alter information flows, and, sometimes, to subject individuals to behavioural experimentation[1].” These kinds of increase threats to the right of individuals and communities to form opinions and decision-making by automated systems which are independent in its nature by advanced technologies are in the position to exploit human vulnerabilities and change the social environment to reach specific interests.